Vision/Objectives :

  • To act as the influential Think-tank and Watchdog of India leading to the Transparent, Pragmatic , Prosperous , and Peaceful India.
  • Better image of India among Indian people and within India/outside India in the eyes of General Public , Professionals , Entrepreneurs , Tourists & students community.
  • To keep watch on government Budget / Public property & resources to ensure proper utilization of the budget & resources for true development & prosperity.
  • To Collaborate with likeminded Professional , Social and Corporate bodies to achieve the objectives by jointly organising Research , Special studies , Seminars ,workshops and Training programs.
  • Any activity leading to improvement of standard of living , Education , Health , Urban and rural infrastructure , Business and Entrepreneurship , Tourism , Governance and Transparency.
  • To think and ACT as the Brand Ambassadors of India within and outside India.

Achieving the vision / Objectives :

Our all members , Patrons and Advisors will provide their experience and expertise /resources towards achieving the objectives through advocacy / Research / Special studies / Seminars and workshops. All activities will be implemented through various committees at National/chapter level.

Financing the activities of the Forum :

Contributions from our Members , Partners , and donations / sponsorships from corporate and government sectors. Please draw crossed cheque in the name of Brainpower media India Pvt. Ltd. , Bhopal.

Membership :

Membership is open to a matured individual above 21 years / Institute or corporate body engaged in any legal activity / job/profession / business and would like to contribute his /her experience and expertise /resources for achieving the objectives of the forum. There is No COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP FEE.