India poised to take global leadership role under Narendra Modi: Kiren Rijiju

Sep 12,2014

"India is poised to take a global leadership role under Prime Minister Modi," he said.Rijiju, who is here to attend a World Bank meeting on disaster management, made the remarks at a public reception hosted in his honor by the Overseas Friends of BJP-USA.

He appreciated the role played by the Indian-American community in the historic victory of the BJP in the general elections early this year.
Noting that India lost its position of a global leader in the past several centuries, he said, "We are bound to reclaim that."
Rijiju, a Lok Sabha member from Arunachal Pradesh, said the governments in the past have not been able to secure the countryís border.

"India has not been very successful when it comes to defense of our border. Somehow, we are not able to secure our border," he said.
He said the new BJP-led government is taking steps for the massive development of the border areas with particular emphasis on infrastructure sector and secure the border as well.
"A proud nation must be able to protect every inch of its country," he added.

Syrian air raid kills 18 Islamic State foreign fighters, including an American jihadist

Sep 05,2014

18 foreign fighters from the Islamic State (IS), including an American jihadist, were killed in a Syrian air raid on a town near the militant group's main stronghold city of Raqqa in eastern Syria, a human rights monitoring group said on Thursday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which has tracked violence on all sides of the three-year-old conflict, said reliable sources reported that top Islamic State leaders who happened to be in the municipal building of Gharbiya at the time of the raid were among the foreign fighters killed. The building had been used as a headquarters of the hardline group, according to the monitoring body.
Another air raid on Thursday that hit a former intelligence headquarters in the city of Abu Kamal near the border with Iraq that was used by the Islamic State also killed an undisclosed number of their members, the monitoring group said.

It said the Syrian raids allowed 13 detainees held by the IS fighters to escape during the chaos. Reuters cannot independently verify reports from Syria due to security conditions and reporting restrictions.
Proclaiming a 'caliphate' straddling parts of Iraq and Syria, IS has swept across northern Iraq in recent weeks, prompting the first US air strikes in Iraq since the withdrawal of American troops in 2011. The insurgents are also tightening their grip in Syria, of which they now control roughly a third, mostly rural areas in the north and east.

Another opposition source in Raqaa said that two raids on southern and northern parts of the city of Raqqa on Thursday caused several civilian deaths and injuries. The Syrian army has intensified aerial bombardment of rebel held areas in rural north western Syria in recent days including in the countryside of the city of Hama, where rebels have made some inroads and taken over checkpoints and towns, according to activists.
President Bashar al Assad's forces have stepped up an air blitz in the eastern suburbs of Damascus to recapture areas that have been in the hands of rebels for over a year, causing dozens of mainly civilian deaths, according to activists.